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Solid wood furniture is our passion. We take special orders for making any item from wood or plywood. We manufacture a variety of shelves, tables, cabinets for kitchen, cloakroom, living room, bedroom and children's room.

We also do custom wood fences, stair railings, wine racks and all other wooden products for your home or office.

We offer garden furniture, flower boxes, toy boxes, sand boxes, and smaller products like cutting boards, dishes, trivets and wine boxes as ready made products. All products are available with protective finish, where the shade can be selected by your choice.

We use mostly birch and pine, but all other popular wooden species are available also.

We produce number of unique design plywood furniture, wooden fences, flower boxes, winebottle boxes and other utensils for home and office. Soon, we offer a different range of own designed and developed doll and playhouses for children.

We hope that you find something to your tastes. Check out our photo gallery!

OÜ Intarsia
Kastani 10, Rapla 79514
Tel 5277386
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